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Hey, buddy, "Frack you!"

My favorite lib protest: "You can't drink money"

Never mind the technology being used in fracking now to recirculate the same water to prevent depletion of the water table. But Republicans, Tea Party Members, Conservatives, Libertarians and Oil Companies want to use up all the water and pollute the air.

Stevie B

The un/mis-informed hysteria over fracking is absurd, given it only takes about 5 minutes of Google research to learn that the fracking process only takes place after a well has been drilled a half-mile or more below the water table and therefore is seperated from the water table by multiple layers of completely non-porous rock and sediment. But then the environmentalist movement has never been fond of good science or facts.

German Shepherd

I see a day when we are a nation of "frack-heads". Let's get addicted to frack and concurrently develope alternate energy sources.

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