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What in the hell are you talking about, james? How did a man writing his wife a hot letter become a treatise on "legitimate rape" and "pregnancy." Jeez Hannon, I think you took those Akin flubs to heart. Change your name to "LIBTARD"

james Hannon

Hilarious. The right wing in this country has so many patriarchal, self-centered men who still don't understand that they don't have "dominion" over their wives.
Guess what, non-negotiable sex with one's wife is also known as "rape." You may not consider it "legitimate," but it really can make her pregnant, and then by your "logic," she would have to carry the pregnancy to term, because "freedom!"

German Shepherd

Hush Fla. voter , the grown ups are talking.

A Florida Voter

Judging from the comments, West has a whole crew of posters willing to kneel before him, where he will proceed to inject them with his blessings, as God has authorized of course.

Sorry, but I can't swallow that.


he has my vote for President-


I really struggled with publicizing the words from website that (allegedly) included quotes from an intimate letter between West and his wife. In the end, I decided to quote the website to reflect the twisted values of the left - that they will lie, cheat and (in this case) violate privacy and steal to win. It is despicable that this idiot pilfered private correspondence, but it is positively amazing how this liberal whacko analyzes a man who obviously misses his wife. As if it is some sort of hypocrisy for a Christian conservative to want to have sex with their spouse? God help us.

German Shepherd

I didn't think that I could admire Rep. West any more. But I was mistaken.

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