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Didi What you can do is get this article to as many people as possible.


Sequestration happened to force the hand of legislators; now it's not happening. This administration disgusts me; people will lose their very good-paying jobs due to gamesmanship.

I am amazed at how we just keep accepting illegal actions from Obama and his peeps. Like we are a dictatorship - what can we do when our media doesn't question what is happening? Eek.

German Shepherd

Senate Republicans can do better than THAT accusation. Obama is disregarding the WARN Act which requires notices to be given. It's the LAW.

And just WHO is going to compensate the contractors who disregard the Law and play political "footsie" with the SCOAMF-in-chief? The FREAKING TAXPAYERS, that's who.

We need a regime change in a bad way.

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