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Sworn foe of liberalism, the author of Shepherd's Piehole holds sacred her duty to amuse and inform my fearless readers. Think of it as vigorous blogging featuring the markedly unique perspectives from a native Texan, the state where "y'all" is an acceptable term in church, on the golf course and in court.

The lead BIC (Blogger in Charge), Lambchop (aka Carolina Rhodes), is a native Texan prone to right- wing rants and scalding criticisms, despite the handicap of being born under the Generation X demographic. Lambchop believes that sarcasm, witty retorts, and occasional well-placed profanity during debates should be taught in second grade (along with gun range etiquette and cooking). Lambchop’s career spans nearly two decades in real estate and construction industries, boldly proclaiming the virtues of Texas’ business friendly climate and the basic tenets of capitalism. “Where else but here in Texas could a 29- year -old launch a successful business?”

Lambchop’s diverse educational background included stops at the political science department of Vanderbilt, the journalism department at U of H, and Seminary with a side of geology. Armed with a rapier wit, Lambchop’s midlife obsession with political philosophy (plus a smattering of religious and secular theology ) have led to a bizarre set of theories that most believe should be kept under wraps - hence the decision to publish was born! Lambchop’s more mundane addictions include caffeine and Blue Bell ice cream (manna from the little creamery in Brenham). Turnoffs include any TV show with Bob Beckel, a Kardashian or a rose ceremony, RINOs and Islamist jihadists.

Our “A list” contributor and co-blogger POSCA has a remarkably accomplished yet slightly shady past including a stint as a Philosophy prof at THE Academy, was awarded the Bronze Star, an EOD specialist and Colonel in the USAF. His ability to blow things up and explain the meaning of life at the same time are unsurpassed.

Our illustrious part- time contributor and comment-poster extraordinaire, German Shepherd, is a lover of all things that go fast: jet engines, sports coupes and semi-automatic weaponry. Never one to miss an opportunity to excoriate a liberal, German Shepherd divides time between golf, SEC football, deacon duties and puffing on Nicaraguan cigars with ridiculously large ring sizes.

The unique thread running through this madcap group of blogging contributors can be summed up in a word-nepostism. Yep - they are all friends or related in one way or another. Think of them as the blogging Von Trapps, escaping the horrors of socialism without having to walk across Austrian Alps, free from meddling nuns and the public humiliation of Lederhosen. However, we do refuse to guarantee whether or not the occasional show tune might slip out. Happy reading.