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German Shepherd

Republican ideologue? How so? Or are only Conservatives ideologically inclined? Marxist ideologue would be more apt.


Oh, blehhh. Many generational theorists and historians including Erickson and Howe have classified Obama as an Xer. He bears more of the Gen X collective persona than Paul Ryan ever will - starting with the fact he's way more of a Republican ideologue than the moderate, pragmatic Xer. Smart writing, though it if were true.


Of course I am a Gen Xer. I would much rather be playing Spec Ops right now.

German Shepherd

Wow!! Some great insights here. But I would be remiss if I didn't come to the Boomer defense here.

X-ers gave us Eurotrash Techno-Pop. Boomers gave us The Who. I rest my case.

Say Lambchop, You wouldn't happen to be a Gen-Xer by chance, would you? Just asking.Call it a hunch. Or something.

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