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He may have rocked it on Day 1, but he socked it to USA on Sunday with his disappointing loss to Luke Donald. In 2012, Bubba has 1 PGA (big) win and 7 top 10 finishes, evenly matched with Luke's 1 PGA win and 8 top 10s. Bubba should have won with momentum.


While I appreciate your comments and loyal readership, German Shepherd...I fail to see how the University of Georgia Bulldogs have anything to do with the Ryder Cup. Although the "Dawgs" are currently undefeated - they actually play teams other than the girls cotillion and JV field hockey teams starting next week.Then we will separate the men from the boys in Georgia's football program. Plus the UGA vet school has all that pressure to keep the new bulldog mascot("Uga") alive longer than 4 years. The challenge begins now.

German Shepherd

He is fun to watch. I want them to do the Queen "we will rock you" cheer on the first tee tomorrow morning.

Go Dawgs.
Go Bubba

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