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German Shepherd

Titan II killed more Airmen than Commies.
From 1975 through 1979 there were 125 reported accidents at Titan sites. From March 1979 through the Damascus incident there were 10 reported leaks and accidents in Arkansas alone.

And don't forget the Rock, Kansas incident where 2 airmen died after exposure to DEMH and Oxidizer gas.

Or the fire in 1965 in Searcy, Ark. that killed 53 airmen.

Those poor "Pocket Rockets" earned their pay.

German Shepherd

I remember those incidents. I was still on active duty at the time. Gen. Dick Ellis was CINCSAC at the time if I recall, he survived to retire the following year.There were 2 not so fortunate Wing Commanders I bet.

The story of the second incident was given to the media, they were too stupid or lazy to run with it. Prolly had something to do with a 'Crat in the Oval Office

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