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Great points, Queenie. POSCA is writing from the Islamic perspective. You are 100% correct from the perspective of the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bibles - Protestant and Catholic. History also suggests that that the Islamic perspective is not as historically accurate given availability of Egyptian and ancient Hebrew written historical texts that confirm some lineage from the Christian perspective.No doubt a lot of history is buried in politics these days.


This is very interesting but I don't believe Arabs go all the way back to the Garden and Adam. I learned that the Arab nation was begun with Ishmael, son of Hagar and Abraham. While growing up in the 60's, a Jewish friend's parents always used to say, "If Sarah had only minded her own business and not pushed Abraham to sleep with Hagar, we wouldn't have this trouble (with the Arabs)." And God protected Hagar when Sarah threw her out - both times.

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