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Posca, methinks you are over-analyzing this just a bit. After all, do you really believe the general public thinks there is something "special" about Al Franken other than his celebrity status?

German Shepherd

If you look at our People Magazine President, I think you'll have to concede Lambchop's point.


I'm ashamed to say I'm a huge celebrity worshiper and I totally agree that the lines between politicians and celebrities are continuing to be blurred therefore the fact that it's tyranny is our fault and won't change for a long time.


Another outstanding essay from the sheep. The only thing I would challenge (and it isn't much of a challenge) is the equation of celebrity and validity. In actuality, the relationship is one of cause and effect. Because you are famous, you must possess a special quality that makes you so. That special quality is then identified with all sorts of things, but never a good publicist.

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