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Yes MAPRoud. You are SO RIGHT. So many Swedish and Australian Anglicans are bombing soft targets all over the world. Those darn Canadian Methodist suicide bombers. The fact that they scream "allahu akbar!" as they drop their bomb packs is merely a coincidence. So run away from the truth. Keep your head in the sand and pretend to be comforted by your politically correct theology.

German Shepherd

MAProud, you doubt they happened? The title was "Terrorist Attacks",comrade. Gimme a break, they finally let you eat with the grown-ups at Thanksgiving dinner and you dump the gravy boat over your head.You might want to adjust the meds.




Oh STFU. War War War, beat the f'n drums. I've officially had enough of you and your brand of fear inducing hate mongering. Half of these they don't have names of suspects on. Bombing of Muslims in FL? You think a Muslim Terroist did that, or some jacked off pseudo-Christian patriot such as oh, I don't know, YOU? Go. To. Hell. And keep your rhetoric to yourself. Clown.

German Shepherd

I have officially had enough of this ass-clown and his amateur hour administration.Oh, and any loser who voted for him as well.TWICE/

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