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Candace Lockett

Indeed. What kind of a psychopath would support an abortion at 20 weeks?
Women be like "I need an abortion but I just keep putting off" and then one day they feel the baby's movement and they be like "Oh damn! I just remembered!"

Oh wait, that's ridiculous. It never happens like that. If an abortion is performed after 20 weeks it's due to tragic circumstances, like, the mother's life is in danger or the baby will be grossly deformed. Any woman who has to have an abortion at this stage deserves sympathy, as their loss is enormous. She may be the mother of already born children, it may be a very much wanted baby, but the fetus' rights don't supercede those of the woman or her existing children.

German Shepherd

I think we can agree that it is a "fetus" up until the time it is accidentally killed via gun violence, at that time the left considers it a "baby".

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