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Fuck, Lamb. Where you been hiding? This is a masterpiece of sarcasm. I believe Wiener and Hummus just married one another out of opportunity … probably Hillary encouraged, yeah, Hillary liked Wiener because he reminded her of Bill Crampon her hubby, you know, all randy and playing with his dong all the time, perverted and sleazy, and Hillary had this questionable, but connected Muslim chick that she was fooling around with and she wanted to plant her in the government, so she put Wiener and Hummus together and the rest is history .. Wiener (by the I suspect his real first name is Randy) was laughed and jeered out of Congress, so now he has to run for something, even if its dog catcher (SPCA doesn’t trust him with the dogs though), or he may not be able to ever get back on the government gravy train, but he can’t keep his dong out of it because its always on his mind and right at hand, so …. uh, you know, he likes to pet it and take pictures of it and all that … kinda like Of Mice and Men .. duh! and I’m gonna hug it, and pet it, and oops I made a boo boo..

I don’t feel sorry for either of them.

German Shepherd

At least we now know why Abedin didn't take her married name. It would seem that Huma Weiner is just too much to swallow. IYKWIMAITTYD.

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